Just in case any of you thought Montesano was just going to stagnate under our new leadership, it turns out there is a dream to grow our little town.

A recent city elders brainstorming session was captured for posterity in our newspaper of record, the Vidette.  Someone suggested billboards facing east on Highway 12 to notify people going west that Montesano exists and has restaurants. Nothing says “we love sustainable forestry” quite like giant pictures of junk food blocking the view.

Another idea put forward? A rest stop for westbound traffic. If we had that we’d have the only westbound rest stop between Seattle and the beaches, according to the mayor.

The rest stop would, of course, require some funding from the state, but it would route people leaving the highway past the panoramic beauty of Pick-Rite’s loading dock and the downstairs entrance to the bowling alley. What better enticement for people to leave thick wads of American currency behind on their way to the beach?

Then, if we ever get the Free Wi-Fi going, people en route from Seattle to the ocean can update their Facebook pages without using up their precious cellular data.

New city slogans? The possibilities are endless.

“Montesano: Yes, we do have a pot to piss in.”

“Monte: Pee for free, see a tree.”

Then if we ever get a recreational pot store in town, well, the possibilities are endless. It won’t be quite the growth engine that attracting Microsoft or Amazon to build facilities in town would be, but we have to start somewhere.